Public Health & Prevention

"PPL have worked with our STP programme, and the Directors of Public Health and their teams across a number of London Boroughs, to support the development and design of a prevention programme which will have an impact across a South East London population of nearly 2 million people. They are highly organised, efficient, quick and a pleasure to work with." Steve Whiteman, Director of Public Health, London Borough of Greenwich

Investing in prevention is about helping to improve public health and wellbeing today and reducing ill-health in the future. This is about supporting people to live longer and more fulfilled lives.

We work with local authorities and their local partners, including the NHS and voluntary & community sector, and with Public Health England to develop public health programmes and plans that combine local experience with national and international best-practice.

We know that achieving better outcomes requires long-term, strategic and collaborative planning across local health and social care systems - understanding and aligning services, budgets and commissioning functions around the needs of individual and communities. We understand that health and care organisations are trying to do this against the background of having to prioritise investment in prevention and responding to immediate, acute need.

We and our partners help local organisations and areas navigate this journey with a range of support, including cost-effectiveness tools to support decision-making, prevention service planning and redesign, development of robust business cases, evaluation of programmes and community outreach. We do this working across the broader determinants of health and wellbeing, including housing, education and economic development.

We recognise that prioritising “wellness” is the only way we will build a sustainable future for our population and the services upon which we all depend. Our help and support is directly accessible to both NHS and local government via a range of approved frameworks.

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