"It is PPL's values and their approach to the environment and sustainability that has made for such a good partnership." Simon Maddrell, Founder, Excellent Development

Every day in the UK, millions of people make a positive difference to the lives of others through voluntary, community and not-for-profit organisations. Without them, our society simply wouldn't function. We work to help evaluate, demonstrate, fund and scale the good work they do.

Since 2007 PPL has donated over £50,000 to fund charitable causes in the UK and internationally, in addition to regular fund-raising events by individual staff and team-members. More broadly, our award-winning work with Nesta – the leading UK innovation foundation – has helped voluntary and community sector organisations develop “People Powered Health” working with communities across the UK. And we are currently working with charity partners including National Voices to help shape the policy agenda at a national government level in relation to the future of health and care services in a time of growing need.

The role of the voluntary and community sector is increasingly seen as critical to the future of our public services and our communities. For people working within the sector, recognition of the importance of their work at a local and national level doesn’t always feel like it translates into support for sustaining and growing impact on the ground.

We help in a number of ways:

  • We use our understanding, networks and relationships within the public sector to help develop services that engage and invest in voluntary and community sector partners for the benefit of local people and communities.

  • We provide cost-effective access to evidence, data and skills to help organisations to demonstrate and build upon the value they bring.

  • We provide funding and pro-bono consultancy support to charities to help them develop their organisations and their work.

  • We work with and across the sector to build capacity and co-produce health and wellbeing, promoting innovation and new models of care.

With a shared focus on values and outcomes in what we do and how we work, we form strong partnerships to deliver change in a wide range of areas and settings. Our team brings direct experience of navigating policy, regulatory and commissioning environments and of working with organisations to help maximise impact, efficiency, sustainability and growth.

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