Local Communities

"PPL facilitated our own understanding of our mission, embraced the concept of co-production and enabled collaboration between members whose attitudes have sometimes been poles apart. They been extremely effective in ensuring that our voices have been heard and listened to." Michael Morton, Co-Chair, Embedding Partnerships

Our communities are a crucial source of strength and support but too often feel ignored or left behind. Our work involves partnering with individuals and groups to understand local challenges and to support people to realise their aspirations for themselves, their neighbours, and the places in which they live.

We recognise that there is no single definition of community that works everywhere or for everyone. We work with communities on a geographic and “place” basis, alongside communities of interest and identity, to help empower people to change their social, economic and environmental conditions for the better.

We are committed to supporting individuals to play an active part in their health and wellbeing, economic success and in improving the quality of community life for the benefit of current and future generations.

Our team brings in-depth experience of working with local and central government and the voluntary and community sector to achieve meaningful change - whether through influencing policy, developing strategy, capturing and evaluating data, or co-designing new ways of delivering local services.

Our services are directly accessible to public sector clients via the ESPO framework and through Nepro.

Contact us at info@pplconsulting.co.uk to talk about how we can help.