Education & Children’s Services

"At a time when we needed excellent professionals, that had the skills, enthusiasm and vision to drive forward the children's commissioning agenda, PPL provided the support we required - people that were enthusiastic about our vision and were committed to delivering real change and improved outcomes for children." Martin Waddington, Director of Joint Commissioning, London Borough of Hounslow & Hounslow CCG

We work to ensure that the right services are in place to enable children and young people to be healthy, happy and safe. This is about empowering individuals and their families to succeed, no matter where they live or the degree of support needs they are experiencing.

We work side-by-side with professionals from across local health services, local authorities, schools and colleges, the police, criminal justice and voluntary & community sectors; and in partnership with children and young people and their families themselves, to develop new ways of working that build health, wellbeing, skills and confidence.

Like much of the public sector in the UK, educational and other local services focussed on children and young people are experiencing significant budget pressures at a time of growing demand. NHS services for children are equally stretched, with unplanned paediatric A&E attendances and admissions increasing significantly over the last five years. Despite legislative commitments, the promise of an equal focus on physical and mental health for children has yet to be achieved, whilst in the UK - as across the world - social, economic and environmental pressures on young people continue to grow.

We are supporting commissioners and providers across health and social care to pool resources, to improve prevention and early intervention, and to transform outcomes for children and their families in a sustainable way. And with partners including SSAT - the Schools, Students and Teachers Network - we are working to improve lifelong educational achievement and attainment, equipping people with the skills they need to survive and thrive in the modern world.

PPL’s support and services are fully accessible to public sector clients via Nepro and direct through the latest ESPO framework.

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