Jose Acuyo Cespedes

Jose Acuyo Cespedes

Senior Consultant

Jose joined PPL as an Analyst in September 2017. Since then, Jose has worked on multiple projects, focusing on combining his analytical, project management and stakeholder engagement skills to produce insightful outputs and guide decision-making. Examples of work provided includes developing a business case for a new integrated service, leading the analytics workstream for an independent evaluation of a service and project managing the mobilisation of new community health services. Prior to joining PPL, Jose had a clinical pharmacy role in both hospital and community settings. Jose’s background in these settings has given him exposure to multi-disciplinary teams within primary, secondary and tertiary care, including spending time working with a local CCG. After gaining clinical exposure, Jose proceeded to undergo a Masters in Public Health at Imperial College London where he enhanced his skills in statistics, epidemiology, health systems development/financing as well as e-health. This included a three-month project measuring the health system impacts of pharmacist integration into general practice. Jose has previous consultancy experience, working on healthcare projects surrounding private equity due diligence and strategy, allowing the strengthening of both his analytical and client-facing skills.

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