Dr Laura Porro

Dr Laura Porro

Senior Consultant

At PPL, Laura is a trusted advisor and subject matter expert, due to a background in PhD-level analysis and research, grounded in rigorous methodologies and best practice. She brings relevant experience in organisational development initiatives and workforce planning in the NHS, as well as consulting on change management and system transformation.

Laura has been part of several projects, mostly with health commissioners and providers. For the West London Alliance, she assisted the implementation of an integrated hospital discharge programme, which included the development of new policies and the training of over one hundred professionals working in hospital discharge. For West London Clinical Commissioning Group, Laura facilitated a series of PDSA cycles, with staff from a range of professional and organisational backgrounds. She also designed and led large scale engagement workshops. Laura has developed and co-designed business cases, for various health economies including Sutton Health & Care, facilitating the engagement of key stakeholders throughout the process.

Most recently, Laura led a complex workforce planning research and analysis project at NEL CSU, and worked as part of the Urgent and Emergency Care Accelerated Improvement Programme at Health London Partnership, focusing on strategic planning and advanced health analytics.

Laura holds a PhD in Philosophy from the University of St Andrews and a PgDip in Human Resources Management from Leeds Beckett University. She is an Associate Member of the CIPD.

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