Organisational Development

"We chose PPL to deliver our substantial training programme because we knew that we could learn from how they deliver client work. It was a really excellent course – it has helped bring the team together and equipped us to deliver better support to the sector, and in turn improve health outcomes across the whole of North East London and further afield." Tony Hoolaghan, Director, NE London CSU

Creating real and sustainable change takes more than a good strategy or plan. Success means equipping people with the support, skills, knowledge and motivation to make new models of working an everyday reality.

From developing workforce plans and strategies to training people in core consulting skills, we work with our clients to build long-term, in-house capabilities that help them succeed.

In the past year

  • our teams have trained over 300 in-house consultants and change agents working across the public, voluntary and community sector.

  • we have led and contributed to over 40 practice exchange workshops, seminars and roundtables.

  • and worked with organisations including NHS England and ADASS to support the development of Better Care throughout the UK.

From one-off training to large-scale culture change, our unique blend of experienced consultants, learning and development professionals and organisational design specialists draw on experience from across the private, public and voluntary sectors to create bespoke solutions for you.

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