Service Integration

"PPL have been able to support our vision of sub-regional devolution and understand how to support us to gain consensus across elected members, chief executives, senior officers and health colleagues on complex whole system changes. They are one of our trusted consultancy partners working with our operational managers and staff to deliver real transformational change across the sub-region." Liz Bruce, Lead Director of Adult Social Services, West London Alliance

People's expectations of both the quality and outcomes of the services they depend on have, rightly, been raised. But as the challenges become more complex, so the way we have traditionally approached service delivery needs to change. We want people to experience services that are built around them.

Anyone who has worked within the public sector or had regular dealings with public services will have experienced what it means to be within a silo, unable to connect with the individuals, resources and expertise needed to make the right things happen. Too often, attempts to change this, whether by reconfiguring or merging services, have produced either new silos, or worse outcomes than were being achieved separately before.

We believe that bringing services together is complex, risky, but necessary if we are to build public services fit for the 21st century - services built around those who they serve.

We work to support organisations to develop shared strategies, shared plans, shared budgets, programmes and IT systems - all build around shared goals. We have helped establish joint and multidisciplinary teams throughout the UK, now working together to provide seamless support to their communities We use this experience to support organisational integration, based around a ‘one team’ ethos, with shared management, governance and oversight. We have supported the establishment of joint commissioning functions across local authorities and CCGs, and we have managed the full commissioning cycle from strategy development all the way from creating business cases and services specifications, through to procuring and implementing new services and hospital units.

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