"PPL's pragmatic co-production and system development approach allows WLA to develop and implement radically different business and delivery models at scale – enabling us to make real sustainable changes to improve outcomes for the residents of our sub-region." Cheryl Batt, Programme Head, WLA

The challenges facing our public services in the UK are complex and cannot be resolved by any one part of the system acting in isolation. It is only by working together to design and implement new models of delivery that things can change for the better.

Our teams bring together professional management consultancy skills with specific expertise and experience from working in partnership with frontline staff, individuals and communities to co-design better ways of working.

True co-production is different from consultation and engagement, although it uses some of the same approaches. Our advice and support is built on many years of practical experience in building projects, programmes and services from the ground-up, fostering a genuine sense of shared purpose, shared ambition, and shared agency. We do this not simply because we believe it is the right thing to do, but because we believe it is the only way to deliver meaningful and sustainable change.

To achieve this our staff work with you to develop environments where people have the space to empathise with each other, to reflect on challenges and opportunities, and to co-develop potential solutions in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Amongst the public services we have worked with, we have extensive experience in patient, clinical and service user engagement, structuring and leading workshops and co-designing coordinated health and care services are built around the goals, needs and capabilities of the individuals concerned. We combine this with our experience in delivering the full range of implementation support, bringing people, processes and systems together to make new service models work, and improved outcomes possible.

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