"What we found was that the business case became a critical driver for change. It drew together new data in new ways and it created discourse between people who’ve never even met. In short, it was key to creating the very conditions we were so concerned it would disrupt." Nick Dixon, Joint Commissioning Manager, Stockport Council

In a financially challenging environment, making a robust case for investment is more important than ever.

A business case is an opportunity to set out what you and your stakeholders are trying to achieve, the resources you will need to deliver and the anticipated impact of the changes. However, all new endeavours come with inherent uncertainty that needs to be managed. An excellent business case enables decision-making based on a realistic understanding of risk and a nuanced analysis of benefits across a range of social, clinical and economic domains, as opposed to financial return on investment alone.

We offer the full range of services to help you develop your business case, including:

  • Supporting you to build the financial case for change
  • Conducting options analysis and developing a preferred option
  • Undertaking resource planning, benefits realisation and risk management

Our analytics team specialise in producing system-level activity and benefits models, and will help you ensure that your business case is underpinned by robust financial analysis and a thorough understanding of risk.

With our long experience of working across the NHS, central and local government, we can support you to navigate the formal governance, assurance and consultation processes needed to achieve sign-off.

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