Numbers are no use in isolation. We use analytics to help you to pose the right questions and make the best decisions for your organisation.

Analytics underpins all of our work, from developing the case for change to evaluating the outcomes of our and others’ work. We understand that making effective use of information and data requires more than just strong technical skills and infrastructure, although we have those too.

Our team engage with those closest to the issues to understand the challenges being faced and to put information and data to use in helping them to create better outcomes. We do this based on many years of working with government and public service organisations to understand, manage, and harness information in a way which is robust, secure and accessible.

Our in-house analytics team are currently working on a number of sophisticated, population-based approaches to planning and forecasting to inform decision making and policy development. This involves understanding who makes up the affected population, and what their current and future needs are across a range of services, in order to enable robust demand and capacity planning. But we also have the capacity and capabilities to use tried and tested methodologies to support you to quantify the impact of any change you want to make, shaping policy and practice based on an understanding of what works in the context of your organisation and the wider system.

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