PPL People

Our senior advisors help inform our approach to major national policy and local implementation, working directly with our board and with our teams on the ground. Please see below for details of some of the current members of our senior advisory team:

  • Professor Paul Corrigan CBE

    Professor Paul Corrigan CBE

    Chair, Advisory Group

    Paul Corrigan gained his first degree in social policy from the LSE in 1969, his PhD at Durham in 1974 and has been appointed visiting professor of public policy at the University of North London since 1995. He is a former Special Advisor to No. 10 and whilst in government led the development of Foundation Trust. He has subsequently become a highly respected commentator on healthcare across the UK. more
  • Professor Angela Coulter

    Professor Angela Coulter

    Senior Advisor

    Angela is Director of Global Initiatives at the Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making, Boston, and Senior Research Scientist at the Department of Public Health, University of Oxford. A social scientist by training, Angela has a doctorate in health services research from the University of London. She was previously Chief Executive of Picker Institute Europe, a UK-based research charity specialising in measuring and improving patients' experience. more
  • Greg Parston

    Greg Parston

    Senior Advisor

    Greg Parston is the former Chairman of the Office for Public Management (OPM), a company that he co-founded in 1988 and led as chief executive until 2003. Respected internationally, he has extensive experience of public service delivery and policy and has advised leaders in government and civil service around the world. He was Director of the Accenture Institute for Health and Public Services, and served on HM Treasury's Public Sector Productivity Panel. more
  • Sir John Oldham OBE

    Sir John Oldham OBE

    Senior Advisor

    Sir John Oldham, a general practitioner, is also regarded as one of the world's leading experts in large system change, having practical experience of training teams to do this in a number of countries. His passion is, with others, to help make health care safer, more reliable and efficient. Sir John has most recently been involved with the UK Department of Health and NHS England as National Clinical Lead for Quality and Productivity and now chairs the Independent Commission on Whole Person Care... more
  • Dr Nicholas Hicks

    Dr Nicholas Hicks

    Senior Advisor

    Nick is a founder member of the COBIC programme and is Managing Director of Cobic Ltd. Nick’s career has included time as a practising GP, a public health consultant, a PCT chief executive, and several attachments in the Department of Health. more