What We Do

  • Market and Customer Insight

    Whether you are a small organisation developing into new areas or a large organisation looking to retain and grow your existing customer base, our Customer Insight team can help.

    We combine leading research and consultancy methodologies with experience and knowledge of your marketplace. We work with you with one aim - translating what your customers say, and what your customers do, into specific actions that develop your organisation to produce measurable results.


  • Improving Quality and Efficiency

    We believe improving quality and transforming efficiency are one and the same.

    Achieving this means understanding the resources available - the people, processes and systems which come together to make an organisation work.


  • Strategic Planning

    Leading complex organisations is never easy, but rarely have times been as challenging as right now.

    Setting the right direction means understanding where you want to get to, and how you are going to get there.


  • Technology Management

    Technology is increasingly part of core business - a key driver of business development, efficiency and effectiveness.

    We work with organisations from new technology start-ups through to billion pound service providers. Combining deep technical understanding with an appreciation of your business and customers, we work at the "interface" between your organisation and your IT function. Our focus is on helping support operational effectiveness, whilst also developing IT as a strategic partner.


  • Project Management

    You know where you want to get to, and you believe you have the resources and strategy for getting there. And yet the feeling in the organisation is that things never change.

    Our team are experienced individuals drawn from a range of private and public sector organisations, and from the large global consultancies. We work with our clients to create deliverable plans, because we are just not interested in strategies that never become reality.