Local government

Islington Brent Council Havering Borough

Our local government team comprises former local authority directors, senior managers, and senior advisors. With cost pressures increasing and budgets under ongoing threat, the lessons learned from the successes and failures of the past ten years inform our practical approach to sustaining and developing high quality local services. This means engaging staff and citizens in improving processes, making better use of technology, and successfully managing change. Key outcomes from our recent work include:

Improving customer services, reducing costs

Eliminating the costs of "service failure" means working with organisations to understand existing management information; developing strategies to promote early intervention and support for customers in need, and ensuring that these are translated into improved customer satisfaction at reduced cost. Our team have been involved in reshaping services from front to back office in all major council service areas, reducing cost and delivering measurable improvements in customer satisfaction as two sides of the same coin.

Integrated service and financial planning

We are working with Chief Executives, Council Directors, Service Managers and Elected Members in mapping current services demands to develop service and financial plans for the future. We have direct experience of the policies, people, processes and systems that underpin efficient and effective public services. Developing integrated strategies means capturing how services work now, mapping how they will need to evolve, and establishing financial and performance frameworks to prioritise, manage and sustain the process of change.

Developing shared services and infrastructure

Opportunities for sharing services may have been discussed for some time, but practical examples remain the exception rather than the rule. PPL's team have been involved in establishing shared local services for over seven years with a number of active projects today, including sharing customer-facing and back-office services and the supporting infrastructure.

Producing and evidencing better value outcomes

Translating the principles of user-centred design, performance management and social return on investment into practical projects which engage all of those affected by the service. We have successfully completed projects in areas as diverse as revenues and benefits, housing management, adults and children's services, environment and cultural services, from business case development to benefits management.

Enhancing public services through internet and mobile technologies

Increased internet access and the growth of smart devices have created opportunities to improve automation and efficiency, and to engage otherwise hard-to-reach groups in new and innovative ways. Our recent projects have ranged from developing London-wide strategies for promoting the uptake of online transactional services to developing award-winning digital inclusion schemes and designing eMarketplaces for users of Social Care.

For more information about our work in this area, please contact Claire Kennedy or Robin Noble.