Education and third sector

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PPL is founded on seven core values - striving to be at all times and in all of our endeavours creative, ethical, competitive, balanced, structured, flexible and sustainable. Our work in the areas of skills development, civil society and sustainability reflects our commitment these values. Our team bring direct experience of navigating policy and regulatory environments and of working with organisations to help maximise efficiency, service delivery and growth. Key outcomes from our recent work include:

Supporting the development of shared support services

Developing shared investment programmes and infrastructure across a number of UK awarding bodies, helping to ensure improved access to support and services for centres and learners at reduced cost.

Improving quality management

Moving organisations from a qualification-focussed to a centre-focussed approach to quality assurance, including piloting and proving new working models, re-designing supporting structures, systems and processes, and engaging customers to minimise risks and maximise benefits from new working arrangements.

Understanding and developing better pricing strategies

Addressing historic issues in the pricing of services within the not-for-profit sector. This includes undertaking detailed analyses of costs and revenues to produce a rationalised and updated pricing strategies - simpler, fairer and more attractive to customers, whilst ensuring the sustainability of the organisation.

Successfully introducing new technology

Improving access to educational services through online assessment and learning strategies which support learners seeking improved skills and life chances; promoting digital inclusion through supporting initiatives which benefit both users and the organisations involved.

Putting the customer first

Development of customer-focussed approaches to service delivery in the third sector, identifying key customers and stakeholders by their needs and behaviours, mapping their journey through the points at which they interact with the organisations involved, and developing underlying structures, processes and systems to ensure that people are supported at each and every stage.

Producing robust business cases for investment in the sector

Using understanding and experience of working within the public sector to help build support for and the overall case for better support for charitable organisations in areas including social inclusion, economic development, health and wellbeing.

For more information about our work in this area, please contact Anne Bowers.