Vish Valivety

Senior Consultant

Vish Valivety

Vish Valivety joined PPL in 2014 as an Analyst Consultant after attending Imperial College London. There, he specialized in operational science and focused his thesis and consulting project on the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.

At PPL, Vish has been part of various projects, both strategic and implementation focussed. For the London Triborough CCGs he assisted in the launch of the Community Independence Service (CIS) by helping to align operations and service delivery to the strategic objectives of the CCGs. For the London Borough of Barnet Vish supported the Borough’s service transformation initiative by being responsible for mapping new and existing services in the area. This mapping exposed gaps and overlaps in existing services helping to identify opportunities for service improvement across the system.

During his work on the Epsom Health and Care Programme, Vish was the financial and analytics lead for the project- working directly with executive members to analyse and project costs and savings for a large, transformative initiative in the area. He also helped to create a new model of care, reflecting the local health economy’s strategy to transform provider relationships and service offerings. Vish also contributed to the launch of the new Community Assessment and Diagnostics Unit (CADU). Additionally, he performed an innovative combination of risk stratification of the Epsom over-65 population and non-elective admissions analysis to inform a practical new model of care that would reduce hospital admissions by providing effective services at each level of care needed.

Vish has received a MSc. Management (Merit) from Imperial College Business School and a B.Eng. (Hons) degree in Medical Engineering from Columbia University/University of Bradford.

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