Social Care Institute for Excellence

Social Care Institute for Excellence

The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) improves the lives of people who use care services by sharing knowledge about what works. A leading improvement support agency and an independent charity working with adults’, families’ and children’s care and support services across the UK, SCIE also work closely with related services such as health care and housing.

PPL and SCIE work together to support both local, place-based transformation work - including in Hampshire & Isle of Wight and the London Borough of Croydon - as well as on national programmes for NHS England, the Department of Health and the Local Government Association.

We improve the quality of care and support services for adults and children by: • identifying and sharing knowledge about what works and what’s new • supporting people who plan, commission, deliver and use services to put that knowledge into practice • informing, influencing and inspiring the direction of future practice and policy.

Our values

This vision is underpinned by the way we work which is:

•Co productive and collaborative: We co-produce our work with people who use services and their carers to identify what works and how that knowledge can be put into practice. We promote equality and value diversity and human rights. We collaborate with partners to influence future policy and practice, and to increase our reach and impact. •Innovative and customer-focused: We meet the changing needs of our diverse audiences and customers with new and better services and products that support the delivery of high quality services. •Enterprising and expert: We seek new opportunities to promote our knowledge and skills throughout the care and support and other sectors. Our work is based on a rigorous approach to identifying good and developing practice.

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