Hannah Dayah


Hannah Dayah

Hannah joined PPL in 2016 as an Apprentice directly from the NHS, having undertaken clinical and practical training. At PPL she supports projects in health and social care, incorporating her pharmaceutical background and core analytical skills to deliver impactful support to transformation projects. Hannah has strong skills in communication and has experience in interpreting large sets of data through qualitative and quantitative analysis.

At PPL she has gained experience in service re-design, stakeholder engagement and co-development of solutions with practitioners, clinicians and service users. She is currently working with an NHS Test Bed, supporting the clients research, incorporation of digital innovations in to pharmacies, and the re-design of community pathways. In addition, she is also providing project management support that incorporates her detailed knowledge of front-line NHS work-streams. Hannah’s background has given her vital insight into the governance, policies and the practice in primary, secondary and tertiary settings. A recent project saw her support a large-scale mapping of services which has fed in to the transformation of musculoskeletal and orthopaedic services.

She is able to apply her clinical knowledge to broader commercial settings and has undertaken research into the impact of new pharmaceutical chemical entities on market share-price of companies in the health sector, exploring the economical, regulatory, and corporate perspectives under consideration.

Hannah holds a Masters in Pharmacy (M/Pharm) from Aston University, where exceptional performance in her academics and Dissertation gained her the Johnson & Johnson Award.

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