Hannah Dayah


Hannah Dayah

Hannah joined PPL in 2016 as an Apprentice directly from the NHS, having undertaken clinical training. At PPL she is gaining invaluable experience collaborating knowledge of practical healthcare with emerging models.

At PPL, Hannah supports projects from the private and public sector, incorporating her underpinning insight of the practical systems in healthcare with provisions made by stakeholders. Hannah has strong skills in communication, with strong precedence in the qualitative and quantitative analysis of large scores of data. Her work demonstrates core analytical skills across the practice and delivery of healthcare.

Previously, her roles within NHS Trusts gained her vital insight in to governance, policies and the execution of practice within the primary, secondary and tertiary settings of healthcare. In addition, she simultaneously completed training in Strategy and Business Development with an emerging establishment to consolidate her understanding of the increasing relationship technology is having with the patient experience.

At University her project researched in to the impact a new pharmaceutical chemical entity has on the market share-price of a company. This was explored from an economical, regulatory, and corporate perspective. Hannah holds a Masters in Pharmacy (M/Pharm) from Aston University, where exceptional performance in her academics and Dissertation gained her the Johnson & Johnson Award.

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