Cordis Bright

Cordis Bright

Cordis Bright is a consultancy and research firm specialising in children and young people’s services, adult social care, criminal justice, community healthcare and the independent sector. Our clients include central government, local authorities, clinical commissioning groups, NHS Trusts and the independent sector.

We have particular expertise in: • Children and young people’s services • Adult social care • Criminal justice • Community and public health services

Our work tends to fall into five main areas:


We offer a wide range of research services which aim to improve the evidence-base from which public services are delivered. This includes secondary research such as literature reviews, rapid evidence assessments, data analysis, modelling and benchmarking as well as primary research such as questionnaires, interviews, focus groups, workshops and community surveying. We are particularly skilled at engaging with groups commonly referred to as ‘hard-to-reach’.

Reviews and evaluations

We help our clients identify strengths and areas for development by undertaking reviews and evaluations. We are skilled at the full range of evaluations, e.g. process, impact, longitudinal, summative and formative; and economic analysis, e.g. social return on investment, value for money, cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit analysis.

Audits and investigations

These bring together our experience in social care with robust evaluation and audit skills. We regularly undertake case file audits (across children’s services, youth offending and adult social care) helping clients understand the effectiveness of practice and management oversight. Our team includes registered social workers as well as former inspectors to give you reassurance that work will be undertaken robustly.


We help our clients solve problems and explore areas for growth, improvement and innovation. For our clients in the public sector this is often about effectively responding to austerity and identifying ways of delivering services in more efficient and more impactful ways. For our clients in the third sector this is often about identifying opportunities to grow and develop.

Performance improvement

We help clients design and implement performance improvement strategies. Our preference is to work on projects that build the internal capacity of your team using group and one-to-one coaching, mentoring and training. We also offer more intensive types of support via improvement teams (providing a scaffold to existing teams of practitioners and managers) and interim managers. We regularly work with practitioners, managers and leaders.

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