Who we are

We help public services collaborate to tackle complex social challenges. Issues such as rising inequality, multiple needs, devolution and fairer economic growth require collaborative responses. We create partnerships that get beyond traditional silos to deliver credible change on the ground.

Our clients and partners span local government, NHS, civil society and the private sector. We are values-led, not for profit and driven by a belief in the power of collaborative services as a force for social and economic progress.

What we do

Changing practice to change places Collaboration is a way of unlocking new capacity to effect change. We believe it is possible to improve lives, sustain services and tackle inequality through place-based, multi-stakeholder action. But it doesn’t happen by accident. Our work helps build a credible platform for achieving change through:

  • Diagnostics and frameworks that help you understand where you are now and the next steps you need to take
  • Building capacity and infrastructure for real system change, using our ‘shared space’ and ‘readiness’ methodologies to re-orient strategic partnerships, senior boards and delivery teams around citizen outcomes in a place
  • Supporting partnerships to develop the vision, behaviours and infrastructure that can hold the weight of transformation
  • Helping you create the culture and platforms for place-based change, building readiness to engage and work with collaborative citizens in local settings We bring leading-edge thinking on systems into practical reality. Collaborate’s work in places is guided by our Framework for Place-Based Change, created from our experience of working with public services in towns and cities across the country. We have identified five critical components essential for building place-based collaboration for better outcomes, and our role in supporting them. Collaborate can help organisations with any or all of these steps, working at a strategic or operational level, at scale or on small projects. Our team brings methodologies to understand and change systems that have been developed and tested through rigorous action research in places.

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