Chris Swales

Principal Consultant

Chris Swales

Chris Swales is a Principal Consultant who joined PPL in 2013 as a modelling and analytics specialist from PA Consulting Group. While there he used his core skills to deliver significant benefits for both public and private sector clients on a range of performance improvement, organisational change, procurement support and cost reduction projects.

Major assignments include building simulation models of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes and Benefits Agency claims processing centres, a yield management optimisation tool for a cargo shipping company, a customer throughput model for the DWP’s payment modernisation programme, and providing commercial support to UKVisas Commercial Partners procurement.

In Health, he has modelled A&E waiting times and the benefits of Assistive Technology implementations for patients with LTCs, developed intervention dashboards for SHA performance, reviewed portfolios of commissioning contracts and provided analytic support to major health reconfiguration projects. He has recently analysed patient volumes and quantified benefits for simplified discharge and admission avoidance programmes for integrated care in SEL and is currently developing a Primary Care access simulation model in NWL.

Chris holds a BSc in Mathematics from the University of Sheffield and an MSc in Operational Research from Lancaster University.

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